Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Schmandom

Jamie Lee Curtis' ability to poop does not impress me, Activia.  In fact, I pretty much can't eat yogurt anymore because of you.

Jim Carroll knew exactly what people would say about him after he died, died.

On some tampon boxes, it outlines how many grams worth of 'liquid' the different strengths of tampons can hold.  Because all women measure that.  On a related note, I just barfed 20 grams of barf. 

Humidexes (Humidices?  I don't fucking know) are stupid.  It is 30 degrees, but it feels like 40 degrees.  So, it's 40 degrees.  

No, guy at the checkout counter at Mac's -- I do not save 30 cents if I buy two chocolate bars instead of one.  

Whenever I call Telus Customer Disservice about problems with my BlackBerry, they tell me to pull the battery out and put it back in again.  I'm glad this isn't how we fix problems with all things that run on batteries, because lots of people with pacemakers would be dead.

What is Liza Minelli?

The members of The Who didn't need to hope they'd die before they got old.  They could have all just shot themselves.  Guess they didn't want it that bad, after all.