Monday, January 12, 2009

11 Things I Saw at the AC/DC Concert, in No Particular Order

1. A train.

2. An inappropriately-shirtless guy, dancing inappropriately.

3. A slutty chick's right boob on the jumbo screen.

4. A slutty chick's left boob on the jumbo screen.

5. AC/DC.

6. My mom, who is still much, MUCH cooler than me. (She actually had to tell me to stand up when the band came out, because I am lame and tend to sit down during entire rock concerts.)

7. Enough flashing devil-horn head bands to set off a seizure in every epileptic on the planet.

8. A 35-dollar hat, which I proceeded to buy because apparently I just poop out money now.

9. A giant, inflated, heavily-boobed plastic woman named Rosie.

10. Cannons.

11. My life flashing before my eyes as we tried to leave through a crowd of drunken fools stumbling like extras in a George Romero zombie movie who'd been dosed with qualuudes.

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